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Weighing the Air

Weighing the Air

Weighing the Air

by Peter Howard

96pp 214 x 136mm Hardback Book
ISBN 978-1-904852-18-6
Published 15th January 2008

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Peter Howard read Physics and Philosophy at Oxford, and works as a Telecommunications Systems Design Consultant. He has been widely published in magazines and anthologies, including The Faber Book of Christmas, and the OxfordPoets 2001 anthology. His pamphlet Low Probability of Racoons appeared in 1994 and a second pamphlet Game Theory in 2005. He won second prize in the 2000 Arvon competition. For five years he wrote a quarterly Internet column for Poetry Review. He taught Animated Poetry in Flash for the trAce Writing School. Peter is a member of the live poetry group The Joy of Six. His website is

Weighing the Air is a delight, both for those of us who have long admired this unusual and unusually gifted poet and for strangers to his work, to whom I would expect it to come as a revelation. Peter Howard’s verse is above all highly readable and enjoyable. Making full use of his scientific background and also foreground, he is equally at home with realism and surrealism, typically marrying the two. He is often very funny indeed; in tours-de-force of comic invention he can move us unexpectedly, lighting the human condition from unorthodox angles. Hymning the flight of the parrot, probing the mystery of strangers, revealing the pathos of a neglected tyre-iron, he can make the prosaic somehow miraculous. Not everyone will understand everything - I certainly don’t - but the zest and panache and finally the authenticity of the whole endeavour, will keep the reader pleasurably afloat.”



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