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Troy Town

Troy Town

Troy Town

by Matt Merritt

80pp 214 x 136mm Hardback Book
ISBN 978-1-904852-19-3
Published 1st March 2008

£8.99 post free in UK.

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“The past is startled into a sudden eloquence”.

Matt Merritt’s poems are startling. Their voice is quiet, their rhymes discreet, But a loch reveals a submarine; a sky, a sudden bird; a landscape, love. This book’s familiars are birds, about which Matt Merritt writes beautifully. The poems are also brushed by the wings of loss, lit by jokes, eloquent with hope.

Sudden rain now.
Liquid miles, but hours yet to harden into day.
The way it always is.
Remember this.

This work is memorable for the best reasons. Without hectoring, it reminds us of what we know. Irresistibly, it opens new horizons. The reader does not want a poem to end, but when it must, the reward is insight, the exact observation which is love.

“Troy Town is humorous, wise, and clear-eyed. These are poems for grown-ups, to which a reader will return, with pleasure and surprise, again and again.”


Matt Merritt was born in Leicester in 1969. He studied history at Newcastle University, and has worked as a newspaper and magazine journalist in Cardiff, Leicester and Peterborough. He currently works for Bird Watching magazine, and lives in Whitwick, Leicester. He was winner of the 2004 Plough Poetry Prize, and his chapbook Making The Most Of The Light was published by HappenStance Press in October 2005. He was runner-up in BBC Wildlife Poet Of The Year 2007.

More about Matt Merritt, including four poems. His blog is Polyolbion.

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